Noir Blanc

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DSD Flex Panels are a revolutionary product that adds luxury to any space. These lightweight wall panels provide a marble-like finish at a fraction of the cost, and weight 10X less than your traditional Marble or Porcelain slab. They are custom designed to enhance your decor and offer a unique and stylish option for both Residential & Commercial spaces.

NOTE: These can be a permanent installation, or we have temporary installation options as well. For clients who may not be home owners, or for commercial spaces that may be rented.

- Waterproof: These panels are designed to withstand moisture, making them suitable for various environments.

- Flexible: The panels are highly flexible, allowing for seamless installation on different surfaces.

- Lightweight: We have prioritized lightweight materials to ensure ease of handling and installation.

- Easy to Clean: Cleaning these panels is a breeze, making maintenance hassle-free.

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